What about Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Washington Medicare Supplement Plan N can have its place. 

Most people find plan G to be a better option for them all things considered. With Medicare Supplement Plan N, you have up to a $20 co-pay for an office visit, and up to a $50 co-pay for an ER visit as well. You’re also responsible for the once a year Medicare Part B deductible of $183. Medicare Supplement Plan N has one other crucial lack of coverage. It’s called Part B excess charges. Medicare Supplement Plan N does not cover Part B excess charges. That means when a doctor or hospital wants to charge above and beyond what Medicare A & B charges, the plan N is NOT going to cover it.

Part B Excess Charges

Now Part B excess charges are not usually a big deal for regular doctor/hospital visits, as most facilities accept Medicare Assignment. That means they cannot charge Part B excess charges. Where Part B excess charges come into play is when you develop serious medical conditions and you want to go to a specialty facility. For Example, the Mayo Clinic or a special cancer treatment center that doesn’t accept Medicare assignment. A Plan N is not going to cover those excess charges for you. That means unless you have an abundance of cash laying around you probably won’t be able to afford to cover those expenses yourself. And once this situation presents itself it’s almost 100% guaranteed you won’t be able to change off your plan N. Now that you have serious medical conditions, no other company is going to be willing to insure you, so you’re stuck on plan N.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Conclusion

So, the conclusion is, in most states a plan G is $20 or so a month more than a plan N. You get a LOT for that extra $20. A plan G, covers all aspects of Medicare except for the once a year Medicare Part B deductible of $183 (in 2018). So, for $20 extra a month (in most states) you don’t have co-pays for the doctor/ Emergency room, and most importantly, you have coverage for part B excess charges. So, if you need to go to a specialty treatment center that doesn’t accept Medicare assignment, the plan G will cover all those excess charges for you. I find that very small increase in premium to be incredibly worth it. Especially when we’re talking about your health.