Key Factors in choosing a Medicare Supplement plan

– Does the plan cover everything you want it to?

Is there any out of pocket expenses, if so how much?

If you’ve received good advice, you probably have a plan G where the only out of pocket cost is the $183 once per year deductible


– Washington Medicare supplement plans are not restricted by underwriting, which means there’s very little risk in choosing the wrong company to begin with, because if for some reason you don’t like the company you purchased you can always change it down the road regardless of your health. However, all Medicare supplement companies are required to pay your bills so the only thing that might sway you one way or another besides price, would be the companies customer service.

– Do you feel confident in the agent you’re working with? If you’re just starting Medicare, chances are you’ll be on it for decades to come. Is your agent someone who will still answer your phone call in 3-4 years?

Can you call them at any time with questions/ concerns?