Choosing an Insurance Agent

Choosing an Insurance Agent in Washington state

Finding the right agent to assist you with your Medicare Supplement Insurance can be a difficult decision. The reality is most agents you buy from today won’t answer the phone five minutes after you sign up. That’s unfair to you as their client since that agent receives a commission off your premium payment. When you’re vetting out a particular agent, you want to make sure whoever you buy from is Independent, and represents multiple companies. The reason for this is Medicare supplements are identical regardless of what company you go with. If you sign up with an agent that only writes for 1 company and you receive a premium increase on your policy, your agent can’t help you change to another company.

A well-established, Independent Medicare Agent will stick out from the rest by explaining and providing accurate information to you in a professional, relaxed manner. You should never feel like you got sold your Medicare supplement policy, instead you should feel like you bought your policy. A successful Medicare supplement agent knows that you as a Medicare recipient need to buy insurance; the question is what company and what agent? That is why an experienced independent agent doesn’t need to use high pressure sales tactics; instead the agent is able to earn clients by representing most, if not all, Medicare supplement companies available to you. While also explaining your options and answering your questions so you can make a knowledgeable and comfortable decision.